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Photography styles offered by us

Apart from the traditional style photography, the other styles of photography we offer are:


Reportage is a documentary style method of capturing wedding moments, without interacting too much with the couple. The main goal of this kind of photography is to capture the natural laughter, feelings and emotions of the couple, without laying much emphasis on positioning.


This style of photography draws in the elements of both reportage and traditional photography. It often employs objects and stunning backgrounds, so as to illustrate the mood of the pictured moment, while maintaining the honesty of the situation. Lighting is also an important aspect in this kind of photography.


Modern photography involves capturing highly stylized and sophisticated photographs, like those seen on fashion magazines. It draws in the elements of fashion and glamour, with much emphasis on the makeup and hair style.

You can choose any of the above mentioned photography styles depending on your taste. We guarantee spectacular results for any style of photography.


We meet the couple in person way before the wedding and discuss the kind of shots they have in mind. We ask them the angle and style in which they want to be photographed for each part of the wedding. We then group and make a checklist of the requested shots, so that we can mark them off after each shot. We plan all the shots carefully such that no part of the ceremony is left out. We then make a visit to the wedding venue before hand, to take a look its design, so as to decide from what angles the ceremony can be photographed. We make an estimate of the amount of lightning we have to use and also decide upon the position of the shots. We report early on the day of the wedding and begin our work from the very start of the event. Our crew includes the main photographer, an assistant who helps with the coverage and sometimes a secondary photographer. We may communicate with the bride, groom and the guests to get the best shots, but most of the times, they won’t even be aware of our presence. Some people freeze and do not feel comfortable while being photographed, so we make sure to not let the guests know when they are being captured with a camera. We are friendly and courteous with the guests, accepting the picture requests that come our way. Most importantly, we know how to make the bride and the groom comfortable while posing for the pictures. You can only see genuine smiles and honest reactions in the pictures we capture. We then take the photographs to our studio to do the editing work. You can expect to see the photographs two to three weeks after the event. We deliver the pictures to you on a USB disk, after which you can print them into a wedding album. So, all you need to do is, contact us, let us know what kind of shots you want, relax and enjoy your wedding, while we capture the beautiful moments of the biggest day of your life.